Welcome to our site!

Let me tell you a little about ourselves. My husband and I have retired and now only have a small little kennel.My dogs are my hobby & joy to have and show. We have a few Yorkshire terriers(Yorkies) . We have raised dogs since 1982 and take pride in the quality,temperament and health of every puppy we raise.
Also I have just returned to showing after many years, so quality is a must! We welcome all questions, we prefer e mails but will take phone calls by appointment. Also we welcome visitors by appointment to our kennel. Now feel free to check out our site. A picture is worth a thousand words !!  

Kathy & Lloyd Owens

Matthew  6: 28-29
Take a lesson from the lilies of the field,how they are growing; they do not toil,nor do they spin-----even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as one of these.
All the  photo's on my web site  are my personal dogs---I have taken the photo's personally--no one is ALLOWED to use my photo's without written permission.  Only a few photo's on my site are on loan to me from the breeder of dogs I bought--sires and Dams of pups/dogs I have bought---each photo on loan to me is clearly marked that it is a loaned photo---I do not EVER take photo's without permission---and I ask YOU not to take my photo's without MY permission---Kathy Owens
I only raise traditional yorkies--Never any other color !
Every dog I own is listed on my web page so you see photos of each individual dog I have !  I do NOT ever claim to raise teacup or tiny toy puppies. I do have some pups born smaller than others but I NEVER call them teacups !