Female Yorkies

Below are my girls----they have wonderful bloodlines also---Lake Buena Vista-- Moonlights---Pastoral --Aero's --  Parkside ---Durrer's --Pinkerlton's----Jabow's---TSA-LA-Gi ---Diamond.  Hopefully these girls will produce me some lovely show prospects in the future.
   Kimono--Owens Blue Silk Kimono--aka Kim--- she is the daughter to Jean.-and Champion Kamikaze . Kim weighs about  6 pounds . She has wonderful thick silky coat and is a real sweetheart. With a wonderful pedigree !

Kimono  is now retired and lovin it !  She is the mother to  Beautiful Doll .
Owens Blue Silk Kimono  -- Retired
Owensk9   O. U.  Beautiful  Doll -- Retired
AKA ..Baby Doll--- is the daughter of Kimono and Sooner.  Born  May 14, 2011
Owensk9  What Lola Wants Lola Gets
Lola and Robby are parents to most of my females, and Lola is the grandmother to Judy, Ellie,and Emmie.

Lola is the mother to Lorie, Rosie, Lilac Lilly  by Robby. He has multiple champion in his pedigree. Both of Robby's parents are AKC Champions. Photos are marked with names.

Loal is retired and now living with Tammy !
These litter mate sisters was born January 13,2018  Her mother is Jadeite (Jade) and their sire/dad is  Owensk9 It Was Highway Robbery  (Robby).  Jade was out of my Champion Male Kamikaze and Lola. So Emmie Lou and her litter sister Ellie Mae have lots of Champions in their back ground both on their mothers side and on their dads side of the pedigree. I'm hoping these girls will produce some beautiful babies , also posted are the parents pics.
Owensk9  Lorie Lee
Lorie Lee was born Dec.10,2015 she is a bit timid but loves to play with her new buddy Jagger. She now weighs about 6 pounds and is the perfect size for raising me some very nice puppies. Her dad is Robby and her mom is Lola, she has a very nice bloodline with some champion dogs starting with Robby's parents.
                                                      Owensk9  Judy  Judy  Judy
Lorie Lee in these  4 photos is  One year old. She has very nice silky hair and her body is built perfect. She is still sort of Shy but is a sweet natured girl.
 Owensk9  Rosie Posie
 Rosie is the sweetest  little thing, very playful and happy girl.  She was born Jan.19,2017 and her mother is  Lola and sire is  Robby. Rosie is now 6 pounds and is a lighter silver color.
 Imported from Russia-----   Ava Now is AKC registered and is a pretty girl.  Ava was born Feb, 2017. I also bought her sister which was way to small to breed so I placed her as a pet at 8 months old and 4.5 pounds. So Ava might produce very small babies---we shall see ! Ava is producing some beautiful puppies,and some very small !
Ava's little sister Nessa was sold as a pet as she was too small to breed
Robby  sire /dad to Emmie and Ellie
​Ellie Mae    Owensk9
Ellie Mae at 11 months old
Jade is the mother of
 Emmie& Ellie  &   Judy
Champion Kamikaze is Jades sire and the girls grandfather
Ellie Mae at 11 MONTHS    OWENSK9
Ellie Mae    Owensk9
Emmie Lou photos are when she was 11 months old she has the striped pink bow
                                                           Lilac Lilly---aka  Owensk9 Lilac Lilly 

 Lilac Lilly was born October 1, 2018
 she is the daughter of Lola and Robby.

Lilac Lilly is 3 months old in these pics. She  currently weighs about 3 pounds and is a feisty little girl with lots of personality ! She is super dark and MAY stay black and tan and not turn blue, time will tell. Watch for puppies from her in the future !
This is Judy --   she was born May 27, 2016 her mother is Jade and dad is Robby she has multiple champions in her bloodline. She has the most silky hair its almost unbelievable !  She weighs about 6 lbs and is an excellent mother.
All of my Yorkie girls are on this page--- they all have excellent super silky hair ! And their health is excellent ! They all have pedigrees with multiple champions in their background.
Pink Bow pics were taken Jan 2, 2019 Lorie was  a little over 3 years old !  She has great silky hair.
Owensk9 Classie         AKA--- Classie   Born  May 30, 2019  mom is Ava  dad is Jagger
Classie's  mother  Ava and her dad is Jagger, I'm very excited about this puppy. The whole litter has /had wonderful conformation ,beautiful thick silky coats . And very out going personalities !
Owensk9  Cherished--- AKA  Cher born  May 30,2019 litter mate to Classie 
                                                        mom is Ava  dad is Jagger
                     Owensk9 Cherished
                         at 11 weeks old
Owensk9 Classie at 11 weeks old
Classie at 11 weeks old
Owensk9  Classie   9 weeks old
Owensk9 Classie   11 weeks old
Owensk9 Classie at 14 weeks Old
Owensk9 Classie 14 weeks Old
Owensk9 Cherished at 14 weeks old
Owensk9  Cherished at 14 weeks old
             Owensk9   Ellie Mae    and       Owensk9    Emmie Lou