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We Welcome your e mails and questions ! 
Just a few words of  caution ! Be careful of
some individuals selling puppies over the
internet !  Scams and scammers are out there !!  Ask for references--ask for photo's of the pup you choose with YOUR name written on a card and date. Don't fall for a bait and switch ! Ask if you can visit the kennel.  Also ask for the total amount wanted for the puppy----with shipping !!  NEVER keep sending more and more money. A Honest breeder will feel free giving you this information !  If YOUR unsure of the breeder---NEVER send money !!!
                                     Be Careful, 
Kathy & Lloyd Owens
191486 North 4110 Road
Antlers, Oklahoma  74523

580-982-8279  My cell
                    Dogs due puppies and  Puppies for sale  !  !

 Ava  is due puppies by Jagger   May 30,2019

you can see their photo's on the females page and Jagger on the males/stud page.